Dromara Soul Source Code 01 Reading Sharing Session 02

2021-02-06 · xiaoyu
Dromara source code reading (Soul 2021 first activity) Date: Sunday, February 6, 2021 Time:20:00 – 23:00 Location: Tencent Meeting Activity Details 20:00 - 20:10 The opening introduces the recent dream code sharing situation by kimming & 崔 20:10 - 20:25 Introduction to SPI and how Soul SPI is enhanced by zhuming 20:25 - 20:50 Introduction to Reactive Programming by Ztzzz 20:50

Dromara Soul source code 01 reading sharing session 01

2021-01-21 · xiaoyu
Dromara source code reading (Soul 2021 first activity) Date: Sunday, January 24, 2021 Time: 15:00 – 17:00 Location: Tencent Meeting Activity Details 15:00-15:10 Opening introduction of dream code sharing process by kimming & Cui 15:10-15:25 Soul data synchronization websocket by Ting 15:25-15:50 Http Discovery Sharing by Zhu Ming 15:50-16:10 Analysis based on the Sofa-Rpc protocol by Dongdong 16:10-16:25 Metrics Monitoring by Ge Tianye 16:25-16:40 Http Long Polling Sharing by Du Yuhang

Dromara Dream Code Book Club Introduction

2020-12-27 · xiaoyu
Dromara Dream Code Book Club(Dromara 2020 event introduction) Date: Sunday, December 27, 2020 Activity background In order to increase the enthusiasm of community participants, promote the construction of the Dromara community, exercise everyone’s expressive ability and improve the core strength of technology, the community organized this event in the form of source code reading. Activity purpose, meaning and goal Increase motivation Improve technical strength and expand everyone’s horizons Exercise language skills Promote the harmony, unity and progress of the community Make the Dromara community bigger and bigger Activity development The activity is divided into multiple phases.