Dromara Dream Code Book Club Introduction

Dromara Dream Code Book Club Introduction

Dromara Dream Code Book Club(Dromara 2020 event introduction)

  • Date: Sunday, December 27, 2020

Activity background

  • In order to increase the enthusiasm of community participants, promote the construction of the Dromara community, exercise everyone’s expressive ability and improve the core strength of technology, the community organized this event in the form of source code reading.

Activity purpose, meaning and goal

  • Increase motivation
  • Improve technical strength and expand everyone’s horizons
  • Exercise language skills
  • Promote the harmony, unity and progress of the community
  • Make the Dromara community bigger and bigger

Activity development

  • The activity is divided into multiple phases. First, twelve members are selected for a 12-day source code reading, and two online sharing is carried out during the period.
  • In order to improve everyone’s consciousness, we have set up a punishment system. First hand over 500 yuan to the administrator. If homework is not submitted at 8 am the next day, 100 yuan will be deducted for sharing latecomers. Those who ask for leave in advance do not need to be punished.
  • Each person writes to their homework submission area in text based on the content they read every day.

Activity leader and main participants


  • Cui, Kimming, Xiaoyu

The main participants

  • Dromara community member