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HmilystarHigh Performance One-Stop Distributed Transaction Solution
RaincatstarStrongly Consistent Distributed Transaction Solution.
MythstarReliable Messaging Distributed Transaction Solution.
TLogstarLightweight distributed log tag tracking wizard.
ForeststarHigh-level, minimalist lightweight HTTP call API framework.
hutoolstarA library of tools to keep Java sweet.
MaxKeystarIndustry-leading enterprise-class open source IAM identity management and authentication products.
cubicstarNon-intrusive distributed monitoring, dedicated to application-level monitoring, helps developers quickly locate problems.
image-combinerstarTools dedicated to image composition.
JpomstarA simple and lightweight low-intrusive online build, automated deployment, daily operation and maintenance, project monitoring software.
sa-tokenstarThe most full-featured Java permission authentication framework ever!
surenessstarREST API-oriented high-performance authentication authentication framework .
koalas-rpcstarEnterprise production-grade 10 billion daily PV highly available and scalable RPC framework.

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Dromara The community welcomes all open source lovers to join, you can contact us by emailing


  • The organization must not engage in illegal or self-interested things
  • Responsible for the review of new and old donation projects in the community
  • Responsible for the management of new and old community members
  • Responsible for the promotion of all incubated projects under the community, publicity and maintenance of the project version update log
  • Responsible for coordinating and executing the activities of community organizations

Code of Conduct

  • Guidelines for donated projects: All projects donated to Dromara community retain all rights and commercialization of the original project, Dromara community does not interfere in any way except to assist in promotion, publicity and operation, but donated projects must not engage in illegal acts or slander the reputation of Dromara community.

  • Community Member Guidelines: Do not engage in anything that is illegal or detrimental to others

  • Community projects: do not engage in illegal or detrimental things

Project Donation

The Dromara Open Source Community Organization has the following minimum requirements for donated projects:

  • The project must be original and cannot be a Fork version.
  • The project must be a complete application solution.
  • The project must have good code comments and continuous improvement of the usage documentation.
  • The project has a record of actual valid code submissions for at least the last 2 months.
  • Projects must be approved by the dromara community technical committee


The Dromara community can only continue to operate and provide better services with the support of everyone. To become a Dromara community sponsor or supporter, please consider supporting:

The Dromara community is committed to full disclosure of all sponsorship support funds received and subsequent use of funds will be limited to Dromara community operating expenses

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