Get started

```mermaid flowchart TB A[Start] -->B(Config) B -->D[Add project name] B -->E[Add env name] D --> F[Set domain] E --> F[Set domain] F-->G[Return main interface] G-->H[Select project] G-->I[Select env] H-->J[Click R icon button on method left] I-->J[Click send button] J-->K[End] ```

How to

  • Step1: Click Manager config then add project name[example:wx card] and env[example:local、dev], if plugin version >= 2023.1.1, please refer to Project-level domain config, combine configuration files to quickly add domain configuration
  • Step2: set target domain
  • Step3: open toolwindow(at the top-right corner),select project and env
  • Step4: click (fastRequest icon) on method left(Old icon)
  • Step5: click send button for sending request

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