Hmily Term

Update time: 2023-01-14


  • Initiator: The initiator of a global transaction, the first place where transactions need to be performed on distributed resources in a request link resource method. In the Hmily framework, it can be expressed as: a request first encounters @HmilyTCC or @HmilyTAC annotated method, the method which application belongs to is called the initiator.

  • Participants: Distributed services or resources that need to participate in a distributed transaction scenario together with other services. In the Hmily framework, it’s showed as an interface that appears as an RPC framework is annotated with @Hmily.

  • Coordinator: The role used to coordinate distributed transactions is commit or rollback. It can be remote, local, centralized, or decentralized. The coordinator in the Hmily framework is a local decentralized role.

  • TCC :Abbreviation for the three stages of Try, Confirm, and Cancel.

  • TAC :Short for Try Auto Cancel. Hmily framework will automatically generate the reverse operation resource behavior after the resources are reserved in the Try stage.