Myth Introduction

Update time: 2023-01-14
An open source framework that uses message queue to solve distributed transactions. Developed based on Java language (JDK1.8), it supports Dubbo, SpringCloud, Motan and other RPC frameworks for distributed transactions.


  • Integrate spring-boot-starter.
  • RPC framework support: dubbo,motan,springcloud.
  • Message middleware suooprt : jms(activimq), amqp(rabbitmq), kafka, roceketmq.
  • Local transaction storage support: redis, mogondb, zookeeper, file, mysql.
  • Transaction log serialization support :java,hessian,kryo,protostuff.
  • Aspect AOP facets are used to integrate with Spring and support clustering, high availability and high concurrency.
  • Simple configuration, simple integration, simple source code, high stability, has been used in the production environment.
  • Built-in classic distributed transaction scene Demo project, and Swagger-UI visual interface can be quickly experienced.

Parsing the source code



  • JDK 1.8+
  • Maven 3.2.x
  • Git
  • RPC framework dubbo or motan or springcloud。
  • Message Oriented Middleware