Bootstrap raincat-admin

Update time: 2022-10-01

Bootstrap raincat-admin

Prerequisite of bootstrap: The distributed transaction has been deployed and in running. You can choose RPC framework in follows whatever you want.

Bootstrap method

Method1: Package and deploy by yourself

  • First of all, the JDK version must be 1.8+ and Git and Maven are installed locally, then execute the following commands.
git clone
maven clean install
  • Secondly, please use your dev tool to open the project, such as IDEA, Eclipse. Please modify your application.yml as follows.
    • userNamepassword are the login user name and password.
    • Redis configuration is consistent with your txManager.
    • is the way you store the log, please modify the corresponding yml file. For example, the following code snippet shows how to configure application-db.yml when use DB as storage.
   port: 8888
   context-path: /admin
      name: raincat-admin
     active: db
  admin :
    userName : admin
    password : admin
    hostName: localhost
    port : 6379
    cluster : false
      # nodes:;127.0.1:7002
      # redirects: 20
  • Thirdly, application.list is your applicationName of your micro service, and separated with commas.
    • serializer : The way to serialize the transaction log.
    • retry.max: The maximum retry time.
      list : alipay-service,wechat-service,pay-service
   serializer :
      support: kryo
   retry :
      max: 10
      driver :  com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
      url: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/tx?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=utf8
      username: root
      password: 123456
  • Finally, please modify your index.html, and run the main() method in AdminApplication, then visit http://ip:port/admin in the browser, enter the user name and password to log in.
<!--Modify your ip port in href-->
<a id="serverIpAddress" style="display: none" href="">

Method2: Obtain the admin jar package from the maven central warehouse.

  • Please create a config directory and application.yml, etc. Then modify the yml file and start up the application.