Bootstrap raincat-manager

Update time: 2022-10-01

Bootstrap raincat-manager

Bootstrap method

Method 1: Pull the code from github and compile it by yourself:

  • Modify the Redis configuration in application.yml.
transactionWaitMaxTime: 500
redisSaveMaxTime: 3000
    netty :
       port: 9998
       serialize: kryo
       maxConnection: 100
       maxThreads : 16
       delayTime : 5
       heartTime : 20
    redis :
       cluster : false
       hostName :
       port: 6379
       password : foobaredbbexONE123

  • transactionWaitMaxTime is the transaction maximum waiting time.

  • redisSaveMaxTime is the Redis maximum waiting time.

  • tx:manager:netty

    • port is the Netty port for long connections which you can modify by yourself.
  • serialize is the Netty serialization protocol (Kroy in recommended), and it should be consistent with the serialization protocol at client.

  • maxConnection is the maximum number of long connections.

  • maxThreads is the number of Netty worker thread.

  • heartTime is the heartbeat interval (seconds).

Method 2: Obtain the raincat-manager jar from the maven central warehouse.

  • Please create a config directory, and configure application.yml. Then modify the yml file and start up the application. If you want to know more details, please refer to the springboot configuration file.