Update time: 2021-03-06

Committer Promotion

After you have made a lot of contributions, the community will nominate. Become a committer you will have

  • Permissions written by Soul repository

  • Idea is used legally

Committer Responsibilities

  • Develop new features;
  • Refactor codes;
  • Review pull requests reliably and in time;
  • Consider and accept feature requests;
  • Answer questions;
  • Update documentation and example;
  • Improve processes and tools;
  • Guide new contributors join community.

Committer Routine

  1. A committer needs to review every day the Pull Request and issue list to be processed by the community, and assign a suitable committer, that is, Assignee.

  2. After a committer is assigned with an issue, the following work is required:

  • Estimate whether it is a long-term issue. If it is, please label it as pending;
  • Add issue labels, such as bug, enhancement, discussion, etc;
  • Add milestone.

Notice: Whether it is a community issue or not, there must be Assignee until the issue is completed.