Update time: 2021-03-05


  • Divdid is the core processing plugin for gateway to process http requests.

Plugin Setting

  • Enable plugin, soul-admin –> plugin management–> divide set to enable.

  • Divide plugin,cooperate with starter to take effect,please refer to:user-http

  <!--if you use http proxy start this-->


Plugin Detail

  • Divide is a plugin for http forward proxy, and all http requests are called by this plugin in load balancing.

  • Selectors and rules, please refer to: selector.

  • Http configuration is the real invoked configuration after the gateway matches the traffic; You can set multiple configurations and concrete load balancing weights in the rules.

    • Configuration Detail :

      • The first box: hostName, generally fill in localhost, which is temporarily unused.

      • The second box: http protocol, usually fill in http:// or https://, if not, the default is: http://.

      • The third box: ip and port, where you fill in the ip+port of your real service.

      • The fourth box: load balancing weight.

    • Ip + Port Detection

      • In soul-admin, there is a scheduled task to scan the configured ip and port. If it is found that the ip and port is offline, it will be removed.

      • It can be configured as follows:

      soul.upstream.check:true  Default is ture,if setting false,program will not detect
      soul.upstream.scheduledTime:10  Timing detection interval, default 10 seconds