Integrate Http with soul gateway

Update time: 2021-03-06


  • This chapter is a guide about integrating Http service with soul gateway.

  • soul gateway uses divide plugin handling http request, pls enable it in soul-admin backgroud.

  • Pls start soul-admin successfully beofore integrating , and Environement Setup is Ok.

Configure soul gateway as Http proxy.

  • Add these dependencies in gateway’s pom.xml
  <!--if you use http proxy start this-->

  • pls restart the gateway.

Http request via soul gateway(springMVC user)

  • pls make sure divide plugin has enabled in soul-admin background.
add Soul-Client methods(available for SpringMVC,SpringBoot user)
  • SpringBoot user

    • Add these dependencies in your local maven repository pom.xml:
    • Add these config values in your yaml file :

           registerType: http
           serverLists: http://localhost:9095
             contextPath: /http
             appName: http
             port: 8188  
             isFull: false
       # registerType : register type, support http/zookeeper
       # serverList: when register type is http,set Soul-Admin address list,pls note 'http://' is necessary.
       #             when register type is zookeeper,set zookeeper address list
       # port: your project port number
       # contextPath: your project's route prefix through soul gateway, such as /order ,/product etc,gateway will route based on it.
       # appName:your project name,the default value is``.
       # isFull: set true means providing proxy for your entire service, or only a few controller.
    • SpringMVC user
    • Add these dependencies in your local maven repository pom.xml:
    • Inject these properties into your Spring beans XML file:
        <bean id ="springMvcClientBeanPostProcessor" class ="org.dromara.soul.client.springmvc.init.SpringMvcClientBeanPostProcessor">
             <constructor-arg  ref="soulRegisterCenterConfig"/>
        <bean id="soulRegisterCenterConfig" class="org.dromara.soul.register.common.config.SoulRegisterCenterConfig;">
             <property name="registerType" value="http"/>
             <property name="registerType" value="http://localhost:9095"/>
             <property name="props">
                    <entry key="contextPath" value="/your contextPath"/>
                    <entry key="appName" value="your server name"/>
                    <entry key="port" value="your server port"/>
                    <entry key="isFull" value="false"/>
  • Add this annotation @SoulSpringMvcClient in your controller interface.

    • you can apply the annotation to class-level in a controller.the name of the path variable is prefix and ‘/**’ will apply proxy for entire interfaces.

    • example: (1):both /test/payment and /test/findByUserId will be handled by proxy service.

      @SoulSpringMvcClient(path = "/test/**")
      public class HttpTestController {
          public UserDTO post(@RequestBody final UserDTO userDTO) {
              return userDTO;
          public UserDTO findByUserId(@RequestParam("userId") final String userId) {
              UserDTO userDTO = new UserDTO();
              userDTO.setUserName("hello world");
              return userDTO;
    • example (2):/order/save will be handled by proxy service, but /order/findById won’t.
      @SoulSpringMvcClient(path = "/order")
      public class OrderController {
          @SoulSpringMvcClient(path = "/save")
          public OrderDTO save(@RequestBody final OrderDTO orderDTO) {
              orderDTO.setName("hello world save order");
              return orderDTO;
          public OrderDTO findById(@RequestParam("id") final String id) {
              OrderDTO orderDTO = new OrderDTO();
              orderDTO.setName("hello world findById");
              return orderDTO;
  • Kick off your project with your interface, which is integrated with soul gateway.

Configure soul gateway as an Http proxy(other framework)

  • first of all, enable the divide plugin in soul-admin, then add selector and rule which will filter the request.

  • if you don’t know how to configure, pls refer to selector guide.

  • you can also develop your cutomized http-client,refer to multi-language Http client development

User request

  • Send the request as before, only two points need to notice.

  • firstly,the domain name that requested before in your service, now need to replace with gateway’s domain name.

  • secondly,soul gateway needs a route prefix which comes from contextPath, it configured during the integration with gateway, you can change it freely in divide plugin of soul-admin, if your familiar with it.

# for example, if you have an order service and it has a interface, the request url: http://localhost:8080/test/save

# Now need to change to:  http://localhost:9195/order/test/save

# We can see localhost:9195 is your gateway's ip port,default port number is 9195 ,/order is your contextPath which you configured with gateway.

# other parameters doesn't change in request method.

# Any questions, pls join the group and we can talk about it.

  • then you can visit, very easy and simple.