Update time: 2021-03-06


  • Hystrix plugin is the core implementation used by gateway to fuse traffic.

  • Use semaphores to process requests.

Plugin Setting

  • In soul-admin –> plugin management –> hystrix, set to enable.

  • If the user don’t use, please disable the plugin in the backgroud.

Plugin Instruction

  • Introduce hystrix dependency in the pom.xml file of the gateway.
  <!-- soul hystrix plugin start-->
  <!-- soul hystrix plugin end-->
  • Selectors and rules, please refer to: selector

  • Hystrix processing details:

    • Trip minimum request quantity: the minimum request quantity, which must be reached at least before the fuse is triggered

    • Error half-score threshold: the percentage of exceptions in this period of time.

    • Maximum concurrency: the maximum concurrency

    • Trip sleep time (ms): the recovery time after fusing.

    • Grouping Key: generally set as: contextPath

    • Command Key: generally set to specific path interface.

    • CallBackUrl: default url: /fallback/hystrix.