Redirect Plugin

Update time: 2021-04-17


When the soul gateway makes proxy calls to the target service, it also allows users to use the redirect plugin to redirect requests.

Plugin Setting

  • In soul-admin –> plugin management –> redirect ,set to enable。
  • Introduce redirect support in the pox.xml file of the gateway.
  • If the user don’t use, please disable the plugin in the background.
  • Selectors and rules, only matching requests will be forwarded and redirected, please see: Selector rules

Maven Dependency

Add the plugin dependency in the pom.xml file of the soul-bootstrap project.

  <!-- soul redirect plugin start-->
  <!-- soul redirect plugin end-->


As the name suggests, the redirect plugin is to re-forward and redirect uri.


  • When we configure a custom path in Rule, it should be a reachable service path.
  • When the request is matched, the Soul Gateway will perform the 308 service jump according to the customized path.


Gateway’s own interface forwarding

  • When the matching rules are met, the service will use the DispatcherHandler internal interface for forwarding.
  • To implement the gateway’s own interface forwarding, we need to use / as the prefix in the configuration path. The specific configuration is as shown in the figure below.