Resilience4j Plugin

Update time: 2021-06-23


  • Resilience4j is one of the options that supports flow control and circuit breaking.
  • Resilience4j supports flow control and circuit breaking functions for gateway.

Plugin Setting

  • In soul-admin –> plugin management –> resilience4j set to enable.
  • If you don’t want to use it, please close the plugin in soul-admin.

Plugin Usage

  • Introducing the follow supports to the pom.xml file of soul project.
  <!-- soul resilience4j plugin start-->
  <!-- soul resilience4j plugin end-->
  • Selectors and rules, please refer to: selector

  • Resilience4j Processing Details

    • timeoutDurationRate :Configures wait time(ms) a thread waits for a permission,default value:5000。

    • limitRefreshPeriod :Configures the period of a limit refresh. After each period the rate limiter sets its permissions count back to the limitForPeriod value,default value:500。

    • limitForPeriod :Configures the number of permissions available during one limit refresh period,default value:50。

    • circuitEnable :Configures circuitBreaker enable,0:OFF,1:ON ,default value:0。

    • timeoutDuration :Configures request CircuitBreaker timeout(ms),default value:30000。

    • fallbackUri :Configures the fall back uri。

    • slidingWindowSize :Configures the size of the sliding window which is used to record the outcome of calls when the CircuitBreaker is closed,default value:100。

    • slidingWindowType :Configures the type of the sliding window which is used to record the outcome of calls when the CircuitBreaker is closed, Sliding window can either be 0:count-based or 1:time-based.,default value:0。

    • minimumNumberOfCalls :Configures the minimum number of calls which are required (per sliding window period) before the CircuitBreaker can calculate the error rate or slow call rate,default value:100。

    • waitIntervalFunctionInOpenState :Configures the circuitBreaker time(ms) of duration,default value:10。

    • permittedNumberOfCallsInHalfOpenState :Configures the number of permitted calls when the CircuitBreaker is half open,default value:10。

    • failureRateThreshold :Configures the failure rate threshold in percentage,When the failure rate is equal or greater than the threshold the CircuitBreaker transitions to open and starts short-circuiting calls,default value:50。

    • automaticTransitionFromOpenToHalfOpenEnabled :Configures automatically transition from open state to half open state,true:ON,false:OFF,default value:false。