sofa access soul gateway

Update time: 2021-03-06


  • The sofa plug-in is a plug-in that converts the HTTP protocol into the sofa protocol, and it is also the key to the gateway to realize the sofa generalization call.

  • sThe sofa plug-in needs to cooperate with metadata to realize the call of Dubbo. Please refer to: Metadata


Plug-in’s Settings

  • First, go to soul-admin –> plug-in management-> setting sofa is open 。

  • Then, in the configuration of sofa plug-in, config sofa’s register center like this:

    • The plug-in needs to be used with a dependent starter. For details, please see: user-sofa

    • Selector’s rules,see : selector

    Plug-in’s Metadata

    • Each sofa interface method corresponds to a piece of metadata, which can be viewed in the soul-admin > metadata management。

    • url:It’s your http urls。

    • RPC extension parameter, corresponding to some configuration of sofa interface.If you wanna be modify it, please modify it here. Support JSON format. The following fields: