sofa access soul gateway

Update time: 2021-03-06


  • This article is about sofa users using sofa plug-in support,and the tutorial of connecting your own sofa service to the soul gateway.
  • Before connecting, please start soul-admin correctly and Setup Environment Ok。

Introduce the plug-in that the gateway supports for sofa

  • Add the following dependencies in the gateway’s pom.xml file:

    • Replace the sofa version with yours, and replace the jar package in the registry with yours, The following is a reference。


  • Restart the gateway service。

sofa service access gateway, you can refer to:soul-examples-sofa

  • Springboot

    • Introduce the following dependencies :

      • Add the following configuration to your yml file :
        registerType: http
        serverLists: http://localhost:9095
          contextPath: /http
          appName: http
          isFull: false
      # registerType : register type, support http/zookeeper
      # serverList: when register type is http,set Soul-Admin address list,pls note 'http://' is necessary.
      #             when register type is zookeeper,set zookeeper address list
      # contextPath: your project's route prefix through soul gateway, such as /order ,/product etc,gateway will route based on it.
      # appName:your project name,the default value is``.
      # isFull: set true means providing proxy for your entire service, or only a few controller.
  • Spring

    • Introduce the following dependencies :

      • Add the following in the xml file of your bean definition :
      <bean id ="sofaServiceBeanPostProcessor" class ="org.dromara.soul.client.sofa.SofaServiceBeanPostProcessor">
           <constructor-arg  ref="sofaConfig"/>
      <bean id="sofaConfig" class="org.dromara.soul.client.sofa.common.config.SofaConfig">
           <property name="adminUrl" value="http://localhost:9095"/>
           <property name="contextPath" value="/your contextPath"/>
           <property name="appName" value="your name"/>

sofa Plugin settings

  • First in the soul-admin plugin management, set the sofa plugin to open。

  • Secondly, configure your registered address in the sofa plugin, or the address of other registry.


Interface registered to the gateway

  • For your sofa service implementation class, add @SoulSofaClient annotation to the method,Indicates that the interface method is registered to the gateway.

  • Start your provider and output the log sofa client register success. You’re done. Your sofa interface has been published to the soul gateway. If you still don’t understand, you can refer to the soul-test-sofa project.

sofa user request and parameter description

  • To put it bluntly, it is to request your sofa service through http

  • Soul gateway needs to have a routing prefix, this routing prefix is ​​for you to access the project for configuration contextPath

# For example, if you have an order service, it has an interface and its registration path /order/test/save

# Now it's to request the gateway via post:http://localhost:9195/order/test/save

# Where localhost:9195 is the IP port of the gateway,default port is 9195 ,/order is the contextPath of your sofa access gateway configuration
  • Parameter passing:

    • Access the gateway through http post,and pass through body and json。

    • For more parameter type transfer, please refer to the interface definition in soul-examples-sofa and the parameter transfer method。

  • Single java bean parameter type (default)

  • Customize multi-parameter support:

    • In the gateway project you built,add a new class A,implements org.dromara.soul.plugin.api.sofa.SofaParamResolveService。
    public interface SofaParamResolveService {
         * Build parameter pair.
         * this is Resolve http body to get sofa param.
         * @param body           the body
         * @param parameterTypes the parameter types
         * @return the pair
        Pair<String[], Object[]> buildParameter(String body, String parameterTypes);
  • body is the json string passed by body in http.

  • parameterTypes: list of matched method parameter types,if there are multiple,use , to separate。

  • In Pair,left is the parameter type,and right is the parameter value. This is the standard for sofa generalization calls.

  • Register your class as a String bean and override the default implementation。

     public SofaParamResolveService A() {
             return new A();