Main Projects

High-performance API Gateway

Flexible distributed transaction solution

Strongly consistent distributed transaction solution

Reliable messages distributed transaction solution

Tool Projects

A set of tools that keep Java sweet

The most comprehensive Java permission framework

A high-level and lightweight HTTP client framework for Java

Simple & Low-intrusion project management platform

Lightweight distributed log label tracking framwork

a lightweight and practical micro-process framework

MaxKey Leading Edge Enterprise Class open source IAM product

Distributed monitoring system

Image combine tool for java server side

Netty is used as httpServer in Spring-boot

Metrics bytecode tool

Incubating Projects

Distributed scheduling framework

Soul Introduction

This is an asynchronous, high-performance, cross-language, responsive API gateway.

Hmily Introduction

Hmily is Finance-level distributed transaction solutions, Supports multiple RPC frameworks, such as Dubbo, SpringCloud, Motan, GRPC, BRPC, Tars

Myth Introduction

Myth is based on a distributed transaction framework that is ultimately consistent with reliable messaging.


  • Cross-language

    Support for all languages

  • More plugins

    Authentication, current limit, fuse, firewall and other plugins

  • Dynamic Config

    All of the configuration rules can be adjusted at will, taking effect dynamically, without restarting

  • Plugins hot-plug, easy to expand

    Plugins hot - plug, easy to expand

  • Support More Rpc and REST

    Dubbo,Spring Cloud,HTTP REST,GRPC,Tars

  • High availability, high concurrency

    Support cluster deployment


  • Supports multiple RPC frameworks

    such as Dubbo, SpringCloud, Motan, GRPC, BRPC, Tars

  • High reliability

    Support transaction exception rollback and timeout exception recovery in distributed scenarios to prevent transaction suspension

  • High performance

    Decentralized design, fully integrated with business systems, naturally supports cluster deployment

  • Ease of use

    It provides zero-invasive Spring-boot, spring-Namespace and rapid integration with business systems

  • Observability

    Metrics performance monitoring, and admin management background UI display

  • Complex transaction scenario

    Support RPC nested invocation transactions


  • Supports multiple RPC frameworks

    Dubbo, Spring Cloud, Motan

  • Spring-boot-starter

    Spring-boot-starter integrates with business systems

  • More serialization

    Supports multiple transaction log storage and multiple serialization methods

  • Disruptor read and write log

    Disruptor read and write log

  • More MQ

    jms(activimq), amqp(rabbitmq), kafka, roceketmq

  • Inline transactions are supported

    RPC supported and nested calls