Microservice Gateway

High-performance API Gateway

Distributed Transaction

Flexible distributed transaction solution

Strongly consistent distributed transaction solution

Reliable messages distributed transaction solution

Popular Tools

A set of tools that keep Java sweet

A high-level and lightweight HTTP client framework for Java

a lightweight and practical micro-process framework

Image combine tool for java server side

Netty is used as httpServer in Spring-boot

Quantitative Trading Platform

Enterprise Certification

The most comprehensive Java permission framework

MaxKey Leading Edge Enterprise Class open source IAM product

Focusing on Protection of REST API

Operations and Maintenance Control

Simple & Low-intrusion project management platform

Distributed Log

Lightweight distributed log label tracking framwork

Agent Monitoring

Distributed monitoring system

Metrics bytecode tool

Microservice RPC

Highly available and extensible RPC framework

Distributed Scheduling

Distributed scheduling framework

Hmily Introduction

Hmily is Finance-level distributed transaction solutions, Supports multiple RPC frameworks, such as Dubbo, SpringCloud, Motan, GRPC, BRPC, Tars

Myth Introduction

Myth is based on a distributed transaction framework that is ultimately consistent with reliable messaging.


  • Supports multiple RPC frameworks

    such as Dubbo, SpringCloud, Motan, GRPC, BRPC, Tars

  • High reliability

    Support transaction exception rollback and timeout exception recovery in distributed scenarios to prevent transaction suspension

  • High performance

    Decentralized design, fully integrated with business systems, naturally supports cluster deployment

  • Ease of use

    It provides zero-invasive Spring-boot, spring-Namespace and rapid integration with business systems

  • Observability

    Metrics performance monitoring, and admin management background UI display

  • Complex transaction scenario

    Support RPC nested invocation transactions


  • Supports multiple RPC frameworks

    Dubbo, Spring Cloud, Motan

  • Spring-boot-starter

    Spring-boot-starter integrates with business systems

  • More serialization

    Supports multiple transaction log storage and multiple serialization methods

  • Disruptor read and write log

    Disruptor read and write log

  • More MQ

    jms(activimq), amqp(rabbitmq), kafka, roceketmq

  • Inline transactions are supported

    RPC supported and nested calls