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Hmily released 2.0.2-Release

Hmily released 2.0.2-Release

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Hmily released 2.0.2-Release

  • Resolved the issue of SpringCloud using Hystrix to configure thread pool.

  • New issue with SpringCloud embedded transaction calls.

  • Added Hmily load balancing strategy.

  • Other bug fixes and code optimizations.

  • Remove unnecessary third-party JAR packages.

  • Introduction of zero intrusion mode.

  • Dubbo 2.7.0 for all versions below.

  • SpringCloud Dalston and above, including support for Finchley and Greenwich

  • All versions of Motan.

  • All Spring versions up to 3.0.

Hmily has a load-balancing policy for user RPC clusters in version 2.0.2.

  • Hmily provides its own implementation of the load-balancing strategy, only for interfaces with @Hmily added

    Dubbo cluster configuration with loadbalance="hmily"

 <dubbo:reference timeout="50000"
                 retries="0" check="false" actives="20" loadbalance="hmily"/>

Spring Cloud added to the caller's YML configuration file:

hmily :
        enabled : true


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