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Hmily distributed transaction restart monthly report

Hmily distributed transaction restart monthly report

xiaoyuAbout 2 minhmily

Hmily is a flexible distributed transaction architecture with high performance, high avalibility and ease to use. At present, it provides support for Dubbo, Spring-Cloud, Motan, GRPC and other RPC frameworks. In terms of ease of use, it provides zero-intrusive rapid integration of Spring-Boot and Spring-Namespace, with the goal of building a distributed transaction solution of financial level.

Adjust Hmily architecture with more reasonable module partition



Architecture adjustment:

  • Pull out the core execution module, support a variety of transaction mode and mixed use of TCC mode, TAC mode.
  • The core module removes dependencies on Spring.
  • Define implementations of various SPI interfaces.
  • New hmily-rpc : aggregates support for various RPC frameworks.
  • Added hmily-spi : Hmily framework custom SPI mechanism implementation.
  • New hmily-bom : resolves version dependency management conflicts.
  • Added hmily-metrics: monitoring JVM, thread, transaction health, time, etc.
  • New hmily-TCC : Core implementation of TCC pattern.
  • Added hmily-TCC : Core implementation of TAC mode.

**SPI module partition: **

  • Added hmily-repository: transaction log storage module with support (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, ZooKeeper, Redis, MongoDB, File).
  • Added hmily-serializer: transaction log serializer module, support (Hessian, JDK, Kryo, Protobuf)
  • Added hmily-config: config module to support (local mode, Zookeeper, Nacos, Apollo, Etcd).
  • Added hmily-tac-SQLParser: SQL parsing module under TAC mode

Gather the Hmily Community Issue and solve bugs.


For example, in the community, it is gather the problems reported by the community, as well as to cooperate with the community for developing new version.

**Solve bug: **

  • Dubbo framework does not support annotation (spring-boot-starter-dubbo)
  • The Motan framework does not support the use of annotations
  • Exceptions in Spring-Cloud users when integrating Hmily with Hystrix using Feign.
  • Transaction log serialization exception.
  • Timeout exception transaction suspension bug.
  • Transaction timing recovers bugs.

**Added function: **

  • build: Added travis-ci feature
  • Transaction log support: Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sqlsever, Mongo, Zookeeper, File, Redis.
  • Configuration module: new configuration center support for Apollo, ETCD, and Nacos
  • Demo: Added Motan-RPC to use Hmily distributed transaction.

Community building

  • The community adheres to the principles of simplicity, pleasure, elegance, and harmony.

    • Code guidelines: The code follows the HMILY-CHECKSTYLE standard, and there is plenty of room for flexibility. Talk is cheap,show you code.
    • Open rule: I hope everyone here can offer good ideas, we can discuss together, review code repeatedly, think about solving bugs, grow happily.


Hmily-2.1.0 of the latest architecture will be released (TCC mode only will be supported).

Configuration module

  • Configuration dynamic refresh function, support all configuration centers.

TAC mode:

  • sql-parser: accessing Apache-Shardingsphere, Apache-Calcite.
  • SQL-revert: Under development.

At last

Good to be here for the season, at this point in time, Hmily-2.2.0 will be released, which will fully support TAC, TCC modes.
TAC(Transaction Auto Rollback): With this mode, users no longer have to worry about writing reverse cancel methods like TCC. Greatly reduce the use cost and learning cost.
TCC : Stability, reliability has been greatly strengthened, completely solve the problem of transaction suspension.

  • More RPC framework support: BRPC and more.
  • Support XA mode.

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